Roll Table, which has characteristic features in rounded lines, you can create tasteful tables where we can make presentations with pleasure. It can be used easily indoors and outdoors.

Base Colors
101 101
102 102
103 103
104 104
117 117
1049M 1049M
1050M 1050M
1057M 1057M
3120M 3120M
5056M 5056M
5098STN 5098STN
5101STN 5101STN
5145M 5145M
Dimensions Ölçüler ø1590 / ø1390 ø1590 / ø1390
Height Yükseklik 720 720
Usage area Kullanım Alanı Indoor - Outdoor  İç Mekan - Dış Mekan     
Cardboard package Karton Koli 1 pcs 1 adet

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