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Its a family trait at Hidromekanik Makina Sanayi Ticaret A.S. to produce high qualified and innovative products since 1945. We are working for indoor and outdoor furniture , focused on new materials and technologies by following the latest trends and lifestyles on market in order to keep its " pioneer trademark, PAPATYA ” position that began as top quality outdoor furniture. Since its establishment, PAPATYA has been a reference point in furniture market for its experience and success at production technologies and design solutions.

The design aspect of our company is based on inventiveness, creativity , quality, research and development. Our unique and rich collection including chairs, armcahirs, bar stools and tables in polycarbonate , polypropylene, metal and wood satisfies the real needs of our customers highly.

Our company represents today's and tomorrow's furniture vision by responding to the taste and requirements of global market with high-quality, ergonomic, aesthetic as well as easily deliverable and affordable products, developed by our professional and highly creative design team.That fact has made our products well known and respected worldwide.

Papatya Furniture Design With Passion

with passion

We design and combine our products with various materials in a harmonious composition.

Elegancy, functionality and durability are the basic design elements of our products. Always with the best quality raw material and highest technology we have implemented our line and have been offering products with unique and characteristic structure in order to provide all our customers enjoyable living and working spaces in personalized fields.

Our design team creates products that is constructed design concepts which is followed today as a leading trends throughout the globe and our products each of which carries a piece from our own soul, we are proud that we live in thousands of places and serve & touch countless lives.

It is our pledge that we will always keep our passion for producing the best in appeal and quality.

Papatya Furniture Design


We always consider customer satisfaction as our priority. That's why we adopt high standards for the quality of our products and services and are committed to providing our customers with the best experience. To achieve this goal, we make continuous improvement, regularly review our quality management systems and take all necessary corrective and preventive measures. In addition, we encourage our employees to be quality-conscious and offer training and development opportunities. In this way, we are constantly improving our products and services in accordance with the needs of our customers.

We always consider the health and safety of our employees as our priority. We adopt high standards in occupational safety and take all necessary measures to ensure that our employees have a safe working environment. To achieve this goal, we make continuous improvement, regularly review our occupational safety management systems and take all necessary corrective and preventive measures. In addition, we train our employees on occupational safety and raise awareness. In this way, we are constantly improving ourselves to minimize work accidents, prevent workplace diseases and ensure that our employees work in a healthy and safe way.

We are committed to the adoption and implementation of high ethical values. We conduct our business based on the principles of honesty, respect, justice and responsibility. We maintain our relations with our customers, employees, suppliers and all stakeholders on the basis of respect, honesty and transparency. At the same time, we are extremely careful in complying with laws and regulations and acting within the framework of sustainability. We ensure that our employees and business partners act in accordance with the ethical values policy.

We adopt high standards in environmental management. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business's activities and to minimize our damage to the environment. To this end, we manage our waste correctly and take measures to reduce energy and water use. In addition, we constantly review our environmental management systems and take necessary corrective and preventive actions. We encourage all our employees to be environmentally conscious and provide trainings. In this way, we contribute to environmental sustainability by protecting natural resources, reducing our carbon footprint and preventing environmental pollution.

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