Simple, functional and essential the table IDEA shows all its versatility by proposing the most suitable sizes and table tops, which enlarges the possibility of placing it in differant environments.

Base Colors
101 101
102 102
103 103
105 105
1049M 1049M
1050M 1050M
1057M 1057M
Anthracite Anthracite
White White
Dimensions Ölçüler 1390x790 / 1190x790 / 790x790  1390x790 / 1190x790 / 790x790
Height Yükseklik 720 720
Usage area Kullanım Alanı Indoor - Outdoor İç Mekan - Dış Mekan
Cardboard package Karton Koli 1 pcs 1 adet

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